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I’m a mother of four and have a love for life and children. Growing up as the second oldest in a large family of ten, I have continued to be impressed with the challenges and rewards that come from children. My experience has taught me that there is no exact science to caring for and teaching children. However, I have found that there has always been a common theme that helps in this great responsibility. In addition to children thriving in an environment of structure and consistency, the common denominator which I think you would agree, is love. In my thirty three years of life, love is what made the difference for me. I can think of many people in my life that have shown this love to me from my parents, siblings, extended family and inspiring teachers. This is the difference that I would like to make in your child’s life.

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I have been happily married for fifteen years to my husband, Nathan. In our home we value honesty, respectfulness, helpfulness, kindness, cleanliness, positive encouragement, and healthy living. Our home is both pet free and smoke free. We strive to provide a safe and secure place to learn, grow, play hard, and rest. My small group allows me to spend one on one time with each child in my care. I am excited to offer a full day childcare and preschool program!

Years ago I worked hard to finish my undergraduate degree with young children of my own. I relied on loving care takers to give me peace of mind when I was away. This is what I want to offer to you. I have a fun curriculum planned for this year.  My youngest boy is 4 and will be participating with everyone in my structured activities, art projects, reading and circle time.

I have been licensed through the state of Colorado since June of 2015. I have CPR, First Aid, and medication training, and follow the rules and procedures for the State of Colorado and also Douglas County.  I plan on staying up to date with classes and licensing.  I look forward to working with you and your child!

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Hi! my name is Sarah. I am glad you found my website. I am a mom to four sweet and beautiful children. It was because of them I found a love for caring for children and decided to start a preschool based childcare! I have been a licensed caregiver for 2 years in Highlands Ranch. I created a play and song based preschool curriculum that helps kids thrive and be ready for Kindergarten and life! Kids as young as 18 months benefit from my preschool program. My kids and I have enjoyed working on a Youtube channel for kids. We focus on learning and having fun for kids. The Youtube channel is called Happy Unbirthday Kids because we believe everyday is worth celebrating! In 2010 I designed and created BumbleLoom, a friendship bracelet loom, that started me on a fun journey with children that changed my life! In 2012 I found a love for face painting, juggling, and children's magic and have enjoyed volunteering and appearing at little kids parties from time to time. I have a love for God, life, family, children, laughing, outdoors, arts, crafts, and learning new things!



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